Luni Cydal

Luni Cydal

Luni Cydal

Brandon Long (born February 25th, 1986), better known by his stage name LuniCydal, is a hip hop artist from Denver, Colorado. During early adolescence, he had acquired the ability to create and perform various forms of literary art, including poetry, which eventually evolved into his ability to present various forms of lyric over bass drums and snare kicks.

LuniCydal employs many different styles within his music including impressive "chopper" style flow patterns and melodic rhythm combined with a sophisticated lyrical vocabulary and a socially aware and intelligent mind. "Energetic, powerful, and engaging", LuniCydal has gained a substantial fan base locally and has also earned the respect of national and local artists in part to his stage presence, performance capabilities, and work ethic.

Though LuniCydal performs a majority of his shows at The Roxy Theater in his home state of Colorado, he has been invited to perform in various markets including Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. Eventually, the Colorado native would like to embark on a nationwide tour as he believes interacting with the fan base among the most effective ways to grow your brand.

In December 2013, and after numerous years of association, LuniCydal signed to local powerhouse Slo Pain Reckordz. Along with his label mates and brothers Troll, DeJangles, and Luni Spade, and with the memory of their fallen brother Benzo Da Crook always evident, Slo Pain is primed to further establish themselves as Colorado’s most recognized and active labels.


Luni Cydals debut to the Slo Pain Family!

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