Troll (Slo Pain)

Travis Ragan Aka Troll was born in San Luis Obispo, California and raised in Denver Colorado. He’s been actively involved in the underground music scene since 2006. As Troll is a major supporter of the underground music scene he knows how to become a valuable asset to any company or event that he works with, always striving to give up and coming artists the opportunity to perform live on stage. As a full time bar manager and talent buyer for a venue, The Roxy Theatre, a premier all ages venue located in historic downtown Denver, Travis excels in maximizing all potential sources of revenue.

As a solo artist he has released 2 full length albums. The first one called “Highway 86” which has sold approximately 750 copies to date. The second one is “The Dirty Album” which sold 500 copies in the first week and has since sold another 500 copies which does not include the thousands of free downloads that Troll always provides his fans who have been demanding a reprint.

Having dozens of different merchandise products Troll is always marketing himself and his team to any music enthusiast. Merchandise sales are rapidly growing. He is continually updating his designs with fresh new ideas and artwork. Fans love his new and innovative merchandise. Most of his merchandise sells out within 2 weeks of printing.

Troll is also the driving force and manager of his collaborative group of artists, Slo Pain which consists of 5 solo artists Troll, Dejangles, Luni Cydal Benzo Da Crook and Luni Spade. Each artist releases their own solo efforts as well as being featured on each other’s albums.  Each member of the team works together a solid unit each bringing something unique to the label. Multiple releases of new music each year keep the Slo Pain brand on top of the underground Denver music scene.

Troll is co-owner of Strong Survive Promotionz, an aggressive talent buying/promotional company in Denver. He is the lead Talent Buyer and General Manager for The Roxy Theatre, venue with excellent sound, lighting, and a full bar. His knowledge of the music industry has helped build the venue to its current status as a serious competitor to the other venues in Denver.

For booking and business inquiries, sponsorship, and distribution offers please contact Travis Ragan at or call him at 303-842-8795

Slo Pain – Strong Survive

Slo Pain – I’m Right Here